ineedu is a danish bucket hat brand based in copenhagen. our brand launched in mid 2019, after over a year of preparation with the ambition to strive for being the best possible brand to provide bucket hats.
ineedu is short for i need you. that’s what we envision you thinking as you look at our designs. if you ask us, a bucket hat is an essential part to spice up any wardrobe - a must. we thought denmark needed more color - so we started ineedu.
we’re a young, colorful team of textile enthusiasts with great passion for creativity, design, feel and quality. we constantly optimise our products and brand, and we’re highly focused on inspiring our audience with content on both the homepage, and our social media pages. listening to our customers wants and needs, we stive to give you - the ineedu family - the chance to be part of our history.
ineedu needs you.